A DWI charge is considered the most serious offense when it comes to traffic violations. Your defense against these charges should be taken just as serious. With DWI laws in New York being very complex, it is crucial to seek representation so are not navigating this process alone. Consequences of a DWI include loss of your vehicle, fines, license suspension and even jail time. So while the state works on your conviction, put yourself at the advantage and let Michael T. Pattison work on your defense!

What to do when you are charged with a DWI or DWAI?

If you have been charged with DWI or DWAI by an officer after submitting to either Field Sobriety Tests or a BAC test that was above the legal limit of 0.08% and arrested, your first step of action must be to consult with an experienced New York attorney, who can help protect your rights and prevents your driving privileges from being suspended. There are two main cases that will need to be taken care of, following your arrest: the legal case, in which the DWI Penalties may have an impact on your freedom and liberty; and the NYSDMV case, in which your driver’s license will be automatically suspended.

When it comes to DWI arrests, time is of essence. You just have ten days to request an administrative hearing with the DHSMV, to challenge the suspension of your license, after which it will be automatically suspended for at least six months. 

Before a moment of poor judgment ruins your life, make sure you consult with the Offices of Michael T. Pattison for expert legal support. From assisting you in requesting the administrative hearing to representing you at the NYDSMV, you can trust us with the entire process. 

At our firm, we are committed to defending our clients against unjust punishments and shaky accusations. With decades of experience successfully reverting DWI and DWAI convictions in court, we deploy our valuable expertise and take a fierce stand against the allegations brought upon you. We are always your strongest ally in the fight for your justice. 

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Our top-notch attorneys are fully trained in BAC and field sobriety tests, which mean they understand their limitations and the variable factors that can fiddle their results. In the initial consultation, we will evaluate every minute detail of the case, give you the best possible legal advice regarding your options and rights and work hard to keep your driving privileges. In case you do end up in court, we will fight vigorously on your behalf to get the charges dropped or reduced. 

Our attorneys are committed to creating an assertive and powerful approach in ensuring the protection of your rights and freedom. Give us a call at 585-944-5444 or send us an e-mail for a quick consultation.


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